If you're living in a rural or semi-rural area around Otago, chances are your internet connection is less than ideal. But since the introduction of Starlink in NZ, we've been able to help increase our customer's internet speeds to *250Mbps in remote areas such as Glenorchy and Te Anau Downs.


We've been providing Starlink installation services since 2021, and have received great feedback from our remote / rural clients who have been using Starlink as their primary internet connection.

So if you're sick and tired of slow and unreliable ADSL or 4G wireless internet, get in touch with our team to discuss upgrading your home internet to this space age technology.

*Initial set up costs can vary depending on your location and the current cost of the Starlink hardware (typically $1040NZD) with a monthly cost of $159.
250Mbps is a current estimated maximum download speed, which can vary depending on satellite position and weather.


Visit starlink.com for more info