IT  Maintenance Options
Hardware repair

Various equipment is cheaper to repair than replace, or we'll advise if it's not economically viable and can suggest a replacement instead.

Windows upgrade/installation

If you're tired of your current version of Windows we can upgrade it to a newer version.

Password recovery 

Forgot you password? We can retrieve almost any password, or find a way around it if not.

Hardware/software upgrades

Need a new program or peripheral device?  We can advise and organise the installation of new hardware and softare.

Performance increase

Computer going slower than it used to?  It might just need a RAM or Solid State Drive upgrade.

Basic check up/clean out

Computers are like cars, they need to be looked after or they get sick and don’t perform properly.  It only takes an hour and can help your computer run fast and without problems like it was when you bought it.

iPad/iPhone setup/tutoring

Too many people just use them to take photos and make calls. There’s so much you can do with your iPad/iPhone and we can teach you how to use them to their full potential.

Email setup/support

If you need an email set up, transferred or troubleshooted, we can help.

Wirelesss network/LAN setup

We can set up home and small networks or expand/troubleshoot existing ones.