Amended - July 2019

We are primarily a service-based business and we charge for our time spent working for our clients both as technicians and consultants.  Below is a breakdown and explanation of the various aspects of IT consulting and support that we charge for.

  • Phone, Email, and Remote support have a minimum charge of 15 minutes.  Even if the phone call is only 5 minutes long, we need to interrupt what we’re doing then record a job description and eventually invoice for that time, which means that although we may only talk with you for 5 minutes, it takes more than that amount of time out of our day in total.
  • Email support - It will be at our discretion what constitutes email support versus a simple email conversation.  In essence, if we spend our time troubleshooting or solving an IT problem for you by writing an email to you or on your behalf, we will charge for that time spent.  This especially applies to preparing “how to” guides via email which may involve some time spent on research and providing the correct links and screenshots etc.
  • Research - The digital world is constantly evolving and not a week goes by without someone in the office seeing a brand new and unique problem that none of us have seen before - and we’ve seen a lot.  Some of these problems will become common and we’ll see them many more times, some are one-off issues that we’ll never see again. Either way, we often need to spend some time researching a problem, either via Googling it or calling up one or our various IT contacts with specialist knowledge in certain areas.  Whether it’s something we need to know for the future, or a singular problem, we still charge for our time to find the solution.
  • Difficult/impossible tasks - Although we are considered computer wizards by some, there are some problems that we just can’t fix.  Some due to hardware or software being too old or faulty, others simply due to the limitations of certain devices or programs.  Often we can provide work-arounds or alternative solutions to most problems, though sometimes the end result is that we can’t do any better than telling you that your device or app needs to be replaced with a newer version or simply discarded.  In these circumstances, we would recommend a solution involving replacing the hardware/software with something new and will include the time spent reaching that conclusion in the final invoice.  If you choose not to proceed with our recommendation, we will still charge for some of our time spent diagnosing the problem.
  • Password requests - We get a lot of requests for various passwords that we keep on file for clients, and although it’s not too time consuming to find and send someone their password, it does interrupt us - especially if we get a request in the evening or weekend.  Therefore we have created a simplified method of both us and you having live access to your passwords, the idea being that this can be your first method of finding a password that you need. You are still welcome to request your password to be sent to you, however we will now charge 5 minutes per request during business hours and 15 minutes per request after hours.  If you’d prefer to manage them yourself instead we can give all your passwords to you in plain text form - keep in mind that if you manage them yourself, we will need to request passwords from you if you need us to log in to your various devices/accounts for troubleshooting.
  • Minimum call out fee & travel cost - We’ve held off doing this for as long as we could but we’re now charging our standard hourly rate for travel to jobs due to the simple fact that time spent driving to a job is time that isn’t being spent on productive work in the office.  Also we’re now charging a minimum of 1 hour for a call out as there is a considerable amount of interruption to our day each time we leave the office.  With the above in mind, please consider coming to us at our Terrace Junction office instead of requesting us to come to you for simple deliveries and pickups if you want to avoid these fees.
  • Hardware diagnostics - Our minimum fee for an assessment/diagnosis of a computer or other hardware device is $65 (30 minutes work).  This is to cover our time spent on the initial information gathering from you then the various troubleshooting steps taken to understand what the problem is.  If we then provide a quote to fix the problem and you accept that quote, we will waive the diagnostics fee. If you decline the quote, we will charge you the $65.  In some cases, diagnostics can take longer than 30 minutes but we will inform you before we go any further and will only proceed with your consent.
  • IT equipment consulting - We charge our standard hourly rate of $130/hr as a consulting fee if you request advice about what IT products you should purchase for home or business.  If you decide to purchase any product through us, this consulting time will be included in the price that we charge you for the product itself as we have a small markup on most products that we sell to cover this time and the admin costs relating to being a reseller, including dealing with warranty repairs.  The purpose of this is to cover us for our time spent advising clients on which product will best suit them, only to have them order from elsewhere.  In this case we are being engaged as a consultant.  Please note that we do not mark up Apple products and therefore we charge a consulting/admin fee on top of the cost of the product if you order through us.
  • Troubleshooting products that we sell - If you have a hardware problem with a product that we have sold you, we will diagnose the problem and either fix it or advise the solution.  If it is a problem that is covered under the manufacturer's warranty, we will resolve the issue at no charge as this is something that is covered by our markup on products we sell.  If it is not covered under warranty, we will charge for our time to diagnose and fix the problem. Please note that for Apple products, we charge normal diagnostics and troubleshooting rates regardless of if it’s still under warranty as we are not marking up these products and therefore we are not covered for time spent troubleshooting them.