Computer Sales & Supply

We can get a lot of products that the local stores don't offer, we're easy and friendly to deal with, and we give exceptional after sales service.

Remote troubleshooting

Using TeamViewer, we can fix 90% of IT problems remotely, without leaving the office. Meaning faster results at a fraction of the cost of a callout.

Managed IT Support

Combining new technology and our expertise we can provide automated support to keep your IT world running smoothly and minimise downtime.

General IT Maintenance

We've been fixing electronics for years. Laptop screens, faulty power adapters, RAM/SSD upgrades, we can do it all.

Data Recovery

We offer preliminary data recovery services where we can generally recover data in 90% of scenarios. If it's beyond us then we'll send it to our specialist.

Virus Removal / Prevention

We've dealt with virtually every type of virus out there and we've always found a solution. We also offer the #1 antivirus solution in the world right now.


With 17 years combined experience in the IT sector, we have the knowledge and experience to advise on the best way to run the digital aspect of your home or business.

Email, Domains and Websites

We can supply and manage domains, email and website hosting solutions to suit your needs.

Starlink Installation

We've been providing Starlink installation services since 2021, and have received great feedback from our remote / rural clients who have been using Starlink as their primary internet connection.


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